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Faith. Knowledge. Character.
Faith. Knowledge. Character.
Faith. Knowledge. Character.

We seek to develop members of community and society who embody the spirit of Islam, represented in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and strive to improve their society through faith and service to others. 

Excellent Learning Delivered in an Islamic Environment

We Teach Students from Toddlers to 11th Graders


Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Department, is focused on providing our youngest learners with the tools to become independent and engaged using an active, participatory learning program.


Our Elementary School focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in reading the Qur’an and reciting it with proper tajweed, Islamic Studies, and developing fluent readers and confident problem-solvers in math and beyond.


Our Middle School continues the journey in Qur’an reading and memorization and Islamic Studies, while also providing our students with engaging project-based learning opportunities with a focus on the design process, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.


Our High School offers a fully accredited, academically rigorous program that allows students to begin earning college credit while in high school through pre-AP® and AP® courses. While preparing students for college, we also prepare them for life with four years of Arabic, Islamic studies, and Qur’an.

Our Students Love Annoor Academy

At our most recent program, Raising the Bar, Ashar Khan (8th Grader) delivered an exciting speech on why he loves Annoor Academy and how it has impacted his studies and beyond. From competitions to great grades, Ashar is just one of the many students that shine bright at our school. 

Our Parents Love Our School Too!