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We Offer A Rigorous Academic Program Toddlers to 8th Grade

Academic Program

The school is using a state of the art curriculum that correlates with Common Core state standards with integration of technology in every day instruction. The dedicated and qualified staff of Annoor Academy offer daily math, reading, English, Arabic, social studies, Quran, Islamic Studies and science classes. In addition to these daily classes we offer enrichment classes: physical education, science lab, art and health.

School Programming

The Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math Programs are among the great programs offered by Annoor Academy. The school also provides several opportunities for the students to participate in extracurricular activities such as: National Spelling Bee, Arabic Spelling Bee, National Geographic Bee, and Science Fair. 

Student Support Services

The school provides numerous support services to the students. Among these services are: guidance counseling, full-time food service, and full-time intervention programs.

Curriculum Maps

ArabicArabic KindergartenArabic Grade 1Arabic Grade 2Arabic Grade 3Arabic Grade 4Arabic Grade 5

Chapters 99-114

Chapters 89-98

Chapter 88 plus review of previous

Chapters 78-87 plus review of previous

Juz ‘Amma Review (Teaching of Quran Vol 1)Juz ‘Amma Review (Teaching of Quran Vol 2)
Islamic StudiesOur Religion is IslamWe are Muslims 1 (Muhammad Rasullah)We are Muslims 2 (Our Prophet Muhammad)We are Muslims 3 (Our Prophet & Life in Madinah)We are Muslims 4 (Wisdom of our Prophet)We are Muslims 5 (Mercy to Man-kind: Meeca Period)
English / Language ArtsReading WondersReading WondersReading WondersReading WondersReading StreetReading Street
MathenVision Math 2.0enVision Math 2.0enVision Math 2.0enVision Math 2.0enVision Math 2.0enVision Math 2.0
ScienceInteractive ScienceInteractive ScienceInteractive ScienceInteractive ScienceInteractive ScienceInteractive Science
Social StudiesmyWorld: Here We AremyWorld: Making Our WaymyWorld: We Do Our PartmyWorld: We Are ConnectedmyWorld: Regions of Our CountrymyWorld: Building Our Country
ArabicArabic Grade 6Arabic Grade 7Arabic Grade 8
QuranJuz 'Amma Review (Teaching of Quran Vol 3)Seven Surahs (Surah Ar-Rahman, Surah Ya-seen)Seven Surahs (Surah Mulk, Surah Kahf)
Islamic StudiesWe Are Muslims 6 (Mercy to Mankind: Madinah Period)Islamic History (Sirah and Sunnah of Rasullah, Islamic Tahthib and Akhlaq, Aqidah and Fiqh, Life of Perfection, A Study of Hadith)Islamic History (Sirah and Sunnah of Rasullah, Islamic Tahthib and Akhlaq, Aqidah and Fiqh, Life of Perfection, A Study of Hadith)
English/Language ArtsNovel Studies (Grammar & Composition)Novel Studies (Grammar & Composition)Novel Studies (Grammar & Composition)
MathenVision Math 2.0enVision Math 2.0Algebra I
ScienceIntegrated Science Course 1Integrated Science Course 2Integrated Science Course 3
Social StudiesWorld HistoryWorld GeographyU.S. History