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High School

We prepare our students to be ambassadors: people with a mission and a message, who know where they are from, where they are, and where they are going.

The high school program builds upon the foundation set in middle school. Students receive high quality academic instruction that will prepare them for the challenges of college and a complex world.

Daily Activity

High school students begin their day with the Quran and du’a to emotionally and spiritually prepare for the school day. The guiding principle is that no matter how busy we are, we are obligated to find time for the remembrance of God. This is an ongoing lesson about priorities.


In addition to Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, students learn advanced concepts in Islamic Studies and Arabic. The hope is that they will be ambassadors of their faith and their culture. Additionally, students continue to review and memorize the Quran. They also take courses in personal development and service learning to further their knowledge of themselves and the world.

Extra Curricular Activities

High school students are preparing to enter a much bigger, more complex world. They need the opportunity to learn about themselves and the world they are about to enter. We aim to create well-rounded ambassadors of the communities and traditions our students represent. With extra-curricular activities like model UN and HOSA, and sports like cross-country and tennis, high school students receive a well-rounded education to make them thoughtful, social, and civic-minded citizens.

Islamic and Arabic Studies

The Arabic Studies program in high school emphasizes the four basic language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on allowing students to develop speaking and listening skills in regional dialects of Arabic or in reading classical Arabic. High school students attend daily congregational Dhuhr prayers as well as the Friday sermon and prayer service.

High School Curriculum for Class of 2026*

Subject9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
EnglishEnglish I Pre-APEnglish II Pre-APAP LanguageAP Literature
MathPre-AP GeometryPre-AP Algebra IIPre-calculusAP Calculus AB/BC
Social StudiesPre-AP World HistoryAP Comparative Government & PoliticsAP US HistoryAP Macro Economics
SciencePre-AP BiologyPre-AP ChemistryAP Environmental ScienceAP Biology
ArabicArabic IArabic IIArabic IIIArabic IV
Qur’anQur’an IQur’an IIQur’an IIIQur’an IV
Islamic StudiesIslamic Studies IIslamic Studies IIIslamic Studies IIIIslamic Studies IV
Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development I - WellnessPersonal Development II - FitnessPersonal Development III - Personal Finance
Additional Required CreditsArt/Music IAP Human GeographyService LearningService Learning
Possible College Credits†-6912
*Subject to change based on student interests, needs, and opportunities, and staff strengths
†pending successful completion of offered AP Exams